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   Frequently Asked Technical Questions

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System Requirements
The virtual microscope (VM) is designed to work on a networked computer running any modern operating system and internet browser with JavaScript enabled.

Internet Connection
The VM does not require installation of any applications from Stardust@Home.

Each focus movie (FOV) constitutes a 0.5 Mb download, or approximately 40 12 kbyte sized jpeg images. A dial-up internet connection (~40 kbps) will require about 90 seconds per movie. Dial-up users are not precluded from taking part in the stardust@home search, but we do recommend a faster connection for ease of use.

With a fast internet connection you should see no delay as you click through the movies as the next movie downloads in the background (but read on for some browser specific issues).

Operating systems
We have tested and received positive feedback from users of Mac OS X 10.2 and above, Windows XP Home and Professional versions, and Linux and Unix. We have not tested or received feedback about Mac OS 9.x

Windows browsers: the latest versions of Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Opera.
Mac OS X browsers: the latest versions of Safari, Chrome, Firefox, OmniWeb, Opera.

Virtual Microscope technical problems
The majority of problems encountered are browser specific, and often mitigated by switching to a different browser.


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